Saturday, May 08, 2004

The WAWA is coming.....Quick!.. Call In the Markalites!!

WAWA is a chain of gas/convenience stores that has been expanding via the leap/bound method across Virginia.

There was recently a big stink about the implications of this big bully corporation coming in and putting gas stations out of business, by selling cheaper gas. It seems that WAWA has its own oil field in Pennylvania.

There has been a move in Virginia Beach to try to legislate some solution to the WAWA 'problem'. Yes, Politicians are talking openly about passing legislation to keep WAWA from further expanding its corporate self into helpless Virginia neighborhoods.

Now WAWA is expanding because people are going there in droves. Rather than pass laws that fix the price of gasoline or such lets look at what the real root causes of WAWAs unhealthy success are.

WAWA is clean.
WAWA has good subs.
During a recent 'blizzard' (hey, its the south, 4" and everyone panics) WAWA gave out free coffee and hot chocolate.
During the Hurricane, WAWA gave away their ice, sold their water at cost and was so efficient at traffic direction that they had 5-15 minute waits as opposed to 2-5 hour waits (with accompanying fist fights) at the stations the proposed legislation is supposed to protect.

WAWA has no lottery....meaning you can get through the line without being delayed by some 400 pound looser getting 120 different lottery number combos...

Hmmm....I think we may have found the 'root cause' of the politicos hostility. Hmmm....

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