Saturday, May 08, 2004

Its Official...Guam Plans are in Motion.

I just recieved word (as in just now) that my unit is elimenating its reserve component. This actually came a bit quicker than I'd anticipated. I had hoped to get some boardings under my belt during the two weeks active duty this summer. My unit is really interesting and has been really good to me, I spent so much time convalescing that they really didn't get their moneys worth out of me.

I have to pick a new unit by next week. As mentioned before I'm picking Guam.

Holy Cow! I'm really going to do this!

Good Grief!! I've got to sell the trailer, get signed up for classes in Guam, sell most of my stuff, arrange transportation get letters to help me break my lease (this is millitary transfer after all) sell the car, buy a car, arrange for housing, get the education transfer through UPS, find out about gun-laws in the Marriannas....all in 8 weeks!


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