Saturday, May 08, 2004

I Feel Ill

The most disturbing thing that happened while I was distracted with life was the breaking of the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

Few things have angered and sickened me as much as this.

Hang these bastards!

This has done more damage to the War on Terror than anything else yet. The lies of Micael Moore, the sneering duplicitous psudo reporting of so much of the media, the wicked, sociopathic venom of Ted Rall, and the sleazy machinations of the French could not do the horrific damage that these six sacks of white trash shit have done to our efforts to bring a glimmer of hope to that festering part of the world.

These vermin have done at least as much to aid and abbet our enemies as Hanoi Jane did during Viet Nam. They have also slandared good men like Nate who died doing the right thing. Nothing we can do will repair what they did....we can only limit the damage.....prosecute them and the officers that allowed this to happen. Show the world (and us) that we don't tolerate this crap....and then get on with the war.

Andrew Sullivan has posted here a letter from a soldier that was stationed in that hellish prison. He points out the real difficulties and misery our soldiers went through.....but he also points out that most did not deal with their fear frustration and pain by tormenting the prisoners.

Lock them up and never let them out.....if they must be let out, then let all of America shun them. Its better than they deserve....but doesn't reduce us to their level.

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