Friday, March 05, 2004

Stop The Presses : Martha Stewart Guilty

I feel a bit bad for her given that she "was convicted of hiding her involvement in a crime the government couldn't prove she committed"

Michelle however has given her the Drudge headline she deserves.

This rather bothers me because the hatred of MS seems to involve basically the general hatred of anyone who is successful. She is a successful dynamic woman who is she's a 'bitch'. There is a really intense desire on the part of a large part of human debris to see those who have made it suffer, thereby validating there lack of drive/ambition/smarts/whatever.

I find this distasteful childish and dangerous. This is the sort of mindset that led to things like the Terror and most of the more brutal byproducts of the many leftist revolutions of this century.

I am convinced that this is really at the heart of anti-semitism given the tendency for Jewish populations especially European ones to excel.

If MS committed a crime then so be it, but the intense glee that people have in seeing the dreams of those who have achieved much dashed is something to be scorned. It a dark angel of peoples nature that all of us must try to keep in check.

And it's just mean...

BTW: do follow the Michelle link above. She has been on something of a roll lately and her blog , always quite readable, has really rocked lately.

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