Friday, March 05, 2004

Pictures of the Aftermath of the Iraq Attacks

Via Hammorabbi:

Click here if you want to see them.

This horriffic slaughter was Iraqs Sept. 11.
I am without heart goes out to these people.

A few weeks ago this letter was widely published. I was initially skeptical of its authenticity, though I believed that it was representative of the goals of the now desperate Al Quaeda.

We're winning and they're fighting harder....much like the stands of earlier desperate fanatics at a place called Okinawa.

This attack seems to provethat that the goal of the Whahhabists is to tear Iraq apart through sectarian strife. If we are sucsessful in freeing that long suffering country Al Quaeda, and all the totalitarian nut jobs over there loose out in a big way.

We can't let them win nor allow these innocents to die unavenged.

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