Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More on the Guam Idea....

The more I look at this Guam thing the better it looks.

The big obstacle is a job.

If it goes through I will be expecting it to be a long term change.

I will have to change my reserve unit to MSO Guam. (I'll have to do that anyway) Being so close to Micronesia and Asia appeals to me a great deal. I'm single debt free (not getting any younger) and I don't wish to someday be listed next to banalaty and ignominy in the Thesaurus. :)

The educational opportunities are surprisingly good. UoG offers study in Aquaculture (my preffered field) They also do a good bit of research due to the proximity to undersea volcanoes and other interesting things.

If I had my druthers, I'd move to the Northern Mariannas as they are close (Rotas' within sight) and they are far less populated. The proximity to Japan would allow a year or so of workstudy there, commuting to reserve drills via MAC flights.

I just need to get a job lined up. I may be able to go to Guam in May if I travel to Japan with my friend Bob. If so I'll do some quick reconoitering.

Fingers crossed.

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