Friday, March 12, 2004

Go To A Small Victory NOW!!

Michelle has hit it on the head again with this post.

I have posted on this sort of thing before, but Michelle nails it, expressing what I've been trying to say for a year.

I can only add a couple of my own experiences. I have watched friends, smart, decent friends visibly shake with their hatred for the POTUS. I've watched people who are in any other context good folks froth and descend into utter moonbat conspiracy theories. A few months ago at a party I saw a fellow I had known for some years run from his bedroom professing outrage that some sevicemen in Iraq had been killed....his anguish belied by his ear to ear grin. Another leftie in the room expressed approval that the type of people who join the military were getting 'culled' and declared this and the bad PR for Bush to be a double victory!! Early last year, when I got mobilized I was told by another 'friend' who knew I'd voted for the POTUS that it would be entertainingly poetic if I died in "Bush's little war". (Well, that bridge was burnt for all time)

This is one reason that despite several disagreements I have with Bush, (spending like a drunken Democrat, the FMA...something worthy of FDR or LBJ....knuckling under on the patriot act DHS and several other things) I can't see myself not voting for him. If Lieberman or even Edwards had gotten the nod, I could easily have voted for them, they wouldn't have endangered the nation and the Republicans would have gotten a good kick in the groin to encourage them to get back into the Libertarian/Goldwater zone.

Many on the left are so out of a desire to do good....I firmly believe that their philosophy is flawed but there are certainly good principled people on the left who are even correct about a few things....but they aren't running the show anymore...... Kerry is the product of a primary process that seems to be designed to weed out anyone not of the ruthless hard left. He is the choice of those whose primary motivation appears to be rage and an unhealthy sense of entitlement to rule. I find these people every bit as scary as the Falwell types...perhaps more so 'cause they've got this faux mantle of legitimacy conferred on them by academia and the press.

Anyway, read Michelles blog more often if you're not. She's been on a real roll lately and is dammed funny too. :)

Before you get yer drawers in a knot please read her disclaimer.

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