Saturday, January 03, 2004

Mars Dowsing...and Manned Spaceflight Too!!

This is a 7 page article on Space Daily that goes into great detail about the methods the Odessy is using to examine the surface of Mars.

What is really interesting is that there really is a fair ammount of water on Mars!!! This has real implications for the planets habitability and the feasability of future missions.

Also of interest are two ESA projects. The Aurora programme which is the European Manned Mars Mission (yes, they have one) and the Jules Verne, the first of a class of habitable space tugs, larger than an Apollo spacecraft, that will be launched soon.

Launched unmanned and incapable of reentry, this vehicle will support the ISS and is simillar in concept to the Russian Progress and Progress M Ferry. It has a very large habitable volume.

Neat huh?

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