Saturday, January 03, 2004

Knee Trouble

If I pass my final physical on Monday, I will be reladed to reserve status. If my injury is still inhibiting me or I have developed some other physical problem I will be retained....likely for at least 3 months. naturally, I irritated my knee during soccer yesterday and twisted it later, by reacting to a rat ,while cleaning up the units scrap metal pile. Last night I was limping pretty bad and the whole leg stiffenned right up.

I'm feeling better today but the knee is still stiff. My fingers are crossed for Monday.

Oh, and it was a big rat BTW.

If the fact that the USCG is keeping me until I'm fit for duty and THEN letting me go seems all backwards....well, you've gone and made sense....and we can't have that sort of thing going on here!!

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