Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Well this Bites

I just came from my get out of the CG physical.

I flunked!

Looks like I have high blood pressure.

I have to do all manner of tests today tomorrow and christmas day, if they don't go well, I get stuck in the service....just long enough to not go to school next semester....before they put me out with nothing to show for my stupid desire to join the millitary post Sept 11... except 30 extra pounds and a year of half my normal pay. I don't even have heat.

Thats It!

I can't win for loosing!!!

UPDATE: I'm within a few points of the arbitrary line the CG has drawn. Todays reading was after a workout, 5 immunizations and bloodwork. Tomorrow and Thursday will be the deciding readings.

I've lost 7 pounds in the last month of the post surgery lard, yet my blood pressure was good even a month ago.

I'm now dealing with the sickness from the yellow fever vaccine: ugh!

Fingers are crossed for tomorrow!!

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