Saturday, October 25, 2003

Those Wacky Protesters

Interesting post at Belligerent Bunny on today's antiwar protests. With Pictures

She also has a map, great commentary, and an expose' on the "clowns for Saddam" (No, really, clowns for Saddam!) as well as organized anarchists...Heh!

These moonbats are really hurting themselves with their moonbattedness. I mean none of these guys are going to win any hearts and minds here with these sorts of displays (except maybe the vets and the Goo Goo Dolls fans).

The big problem with this rally is/was that it is necessarily not so much an anti-war rally (see the poster calling for the defeat of the USA) as a leave the Iraqis to die rally.

I think there were lucid arguments for not going into Iraq, I firmly believe they did not in any way hold up to the counter arguments, but it is vitally important that we have a debate before we commit troops. The problem is that the oppositions argument was "We hate Bush"

I do not believe that there are any good arguments for pulling out. We have a responsibility to see this through as much for the peoples of Iraq as for our own prestige and safety. If we abandon them we will have the blood of thousands, perhaps millions on our hands and we will be less safe. No there is NO reasoned argument for pulling out unless you just want to hurt America and the the expense of the Iraqis.

I have talked to some Vets coming back from Iraq:we are doing a good thing and far more competently than is getting reported.

Update: this post was completely reworked Sunday works too..

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