Saturday, October 25, 2003

Knee Status

My recovery from knee surgery is proceeding well. I am pretty mobile and I am going to be able to start exercising Tuesday (which is a damn good thing as I have put on nearly 30 pounds since my injury six months ago grrrr....)

I've had a 300% increase in range of motion over the last two weeks, which is better than expected given that due to the hurricane and bean counter snafus I didn't start therapy till nearly a month after surgery (yikes!)

I hope to be fit fer full duty by December, which will allow me to return to reserve status.....Just in time for the UPS Hell month :)

As far as the weight goes, as I lost over a hundred pounds a few years ago, (and kept it off 'till the accident) I'm confident I'll be able to return to my buff self in a few months.
(crosses fingers)

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