Monday, April 09, 2007

Living the Walter Mitty Lifestyle......

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday.

Saturday, I went to Clifton to see some friends for what is likely to be the last time for several months. The plan was we were going to watch Lon Chaney movies starting at 1.

Saturday morning it was, astonishingly, snowing quite heavily, so I didn't actually leave until I was sure it was going to be clear. I left rather late but expected to get up to the DC area between 5&6.

On the way I drove the Pickup of Peril. Now, the P.O.P. is a slooow accelerator. It's a verrry old diesel. So, as I was getting on the on-ramp a very rushed young man in a car decided to pass me....on the ramp. His zippy sports car handily left me in the dust as he floored it. He then handily slammed into the crash barrier head on at about 50mph and handily spun like a top (well a 3 wheeled, 1 bumper ed top) directly in front of me.

Naturally, I pulled over to render assistance.

Fortunately no one was hurt.I helped direct traffic until the police arrived and then started to leave. However the passenger in the car turned out to be a USN sailor who had to get to the Norfolk Navy Base ASAP or he would be in danger of being in considerable trouble. So, after the police arrived, We left the driver to ride home in the tow truck and I took him over to Norfolk and being in the Coast Guard was able to get on base and take him directly to his ship before he missed a movement. Then I started time lost round trip....roughly 1.5 hours.

Oh well.

The trip was quite successful otherwise and other than arriving 6 hours late was really enjoyable. I was late getting back Sunday due to traffic and missed church but had a pleasant Easter dinner with the family.

Looking ahead, I've got the last 3 weeks of school and my classes are kicking my ass. Apologies but blogging is going to be quite sporadic.

I have to work extra hours at UPS and I frankly need to get back on the weight loss wagon. From now on I'm going to post my weight once a week., after FAR too much Easter dinner, 281 pounds.

I've got a huge amount of work to do on the trailer still, but I'm holding off for a few weeks to concentrate on school. (I have swept the roof:) .

I still can't access blogger from my Mac at home and I don't have the time money or inclination to really do a lot about it until May.

Much yard work to do this week. I'm waiting for my passport to come through so I can confirm I'm going on the trip to Japan this summer....the deadline is rapidly approaching.

I'm almost paid up on my medical bills from the knee and back problems of the last few years (yay!). At this rate I'll be out of debt again by June, at that point, I'm going to start putting my entire reserve paycheck into the military401K and maxing out the thrift plan.

There are functions for the Japan America Club this week and next. A movie week and sushi party, the officers have bailed, or are out of the country on overseas study, so my Japanese teacher has nominated moi to oversee these....which I really don't need, but, hey, extra credit is always good.

All in all, I'm doing pretty good, minor frustrations notwithstanding.

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