Saturday, March 24, 2007

One of THOSE Weeks...Banality Blogging follows.

UPS decided not to pay me last week.
Actually "decided" is likely too strong a word but the result was the same. I got the issue resolved today.

As it was a drill weekend I stayed at my folks house, which is walking distance from the CG base. I had one of the busiest drill weekends I've had in a long time. Between that and issues with the parents cats which managed to invert their cat box, I ended up going straight to work Monday morning and then got out of work so late I missed Japanese class.

I got called in early Tuesday...and was quite incoherent in class...and had to go to class without the benefit of a shower, so I was basically playing the role of the old retarded guy who can't bathe himself...although I have an extension on my bill 'till the end of next month, I have a lock on my account which keeps me out of the school gym.

I missed Japanese class Wednesday too for the same reason (getting out of work late).

I got my first speeding ticket in 10 years on the way to class Thursday. This means I can't fill in as a temp driver at UPS for a year.

My GI bill benefits were denied which doubles the amount I have to pay to the school that closes it's library at 5pm on Saturdays. Given that my tuition assistance was denied this does well and truly suck.

The computer lab at school blocked Blogger....but not AIM...go figure.

On the interstate, I took a rock in the windshield.

For some months now I've had a medical bill bouncing back and forth between the orthopedist and the insurance company. Tuesday, I got the statement from the insurance company....~90 dollars. No biggie, I'll pay that posthaste...of course I also got a letter from the orthopedist that they had sent it to collection.
If I can't work this out, this will be a problem for my credit rating which I've been trying to build back up after all the no-pay/reserve-call-up followed by 4 months with no work fiasco coupled with hellacious medical bills in '05.

The state sent me a bill for about a grand in unpaid taxes from 2005.
This is bunk as I not only paid taxes, but I owed additional taxes (which I paid). I still have the W2s, the filled out tax forms and check stub....this will be easy to resolve but is time consuming. It is also the third time this has happened. I wonder if the Dept. of Revenue isn't just trying to double dip...bastards.

Some considerate person blocked me in at school and I had to back the pickup of peril out through a mudpuddle between some construction debris, a lightpole and a fence. I snagged a protruding piece of rebar and bent my front bumper all to hell.

OTOH, given the general condition of the truck, I don't think anyone will notice.

The water at my trailer was off as of Thursday. This is not uncommon as they are replacing a lot of the waterlines in the trailer park, but it is aggravating. In related trailer news I was recently informed that the whole park is going to a month to month lease. There have been rumors that the park may be sold or eminent domained into oblivion....A nearby trailer park has already been bulldozed and turned into an office park. This as I'm just getting into the home stretch on the 2 year long repairs following the waterheater bursting.

Wednesday the book I ordered (and paid for) in January for the paper that was due at the end of February finally arrived....

Amazingly, despite only making Japanese class 3 days this week (well 2, the teacher was out today) my workload has increased as I furiously try to catch up. I have 2 papers due in Chinese History class.

The small, one serving, bags of popcorn do not require 3 minutes in my microwave. I'm not sure how long they require but 3 minutes + a small bag of Food Lion popcorn= fiery smoke alarm activating drama.

I'm at a friends comic shop doing a few chores for him and abusing his high speed speed internet.

Which is depressing right now.

There will be blogging soon, but now I've been up just over 24 hours....I'm going to sleep.

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