Saturday, March 10, 2007

No, Actually, They AREN'T Supposed to Do That....

Marine Link reports that a container ship rolled onto her beam ends Thursday in the port of Antwerp.

No one seems to have been killed.

Note that the Captain said the ship was actually taking on water which would seem to indicate hat this was not a ballasting issue, though if it was impropperly ballasted and had her cargo shift she could have submerged her scuppers and some other openings.

No, I really have no idea.

The closest I usually come to marine casualties is trying to prevent this sort of unpleasantness from happening with my vicious ticketbook. Actual smart folks have to do the post mishap investigations.

Update: Via Murdoc...Eaglespeak has a link to lots of pretty...OK, sad pictures.


Wonderduck said...

The lengths people will go to to avoid a good keelhauling. Would it be 'bridgehauling' now?

If the owners were smart, they'd have someone out there ASAP to scrape barnacles. It's gotta be easier to do it when the ship is like this.

Steven Den Beste said...

What a mess. Did it turn completely over, or just turn on its side?

Of course, it's too soon to tell for sure, but you've got to figure that the leading suspect for probable cause is "crew error", and if I were the captain of that ship I'd be looking for a lawyer.

Ken said...

All the pictures have it on its side.
I think it's actually rare for a ship to completely turn turtle.

This could have been anything, an issue with the circuitry of the ship's ballast pumps could have kept one side filling and not alerted the crew. A submerged derelict could have been struck, (unlikely in Antwerp but possible). Given that it was a ro-ro, a longshoreman or stevedore might have run a forklift or other vehicle through the hull below the waterline (this has happened at least once on a bulk carrier). These are just possibilities I can come up with and this is not really my field. This is so odd that the investigation should be mentioned in the Coast Guard's Marine Safety Proceedings....I'll post on it if it is, but that'll likely be a year from now.