Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kanji Coming Out My Ears

I'm studying over spring break which involves much internet work as the answer key to the homework is online. I'm going back and re-doing ALL of the Japanese homework of the semester thus far. I did pretty well on the exam but I'm actually nowhere near where I want to be. Embarrassingly, Katakana, even more than Kanji is giving me trouble. The second year in and I haven't flexed my katakana muscles enough. While Kanji has visual cues that I can use to help me remember, Katakana still looks like random scribbles to me.

This was a bit of a shock when I actually began read Katakana heavily again a few weeks ago. I'd forgotten quite a bit. Anyway there is studying in my future. I'm twitchy enough on the basics of what we're doing now that I could easily see myself getting lost in a few weeks.

My grandmother is recovering in the hospital from the flu and a kidney infection. My folks are in North Carolina with my Grandmother, so, yesterday I spent all day at my folks house waiting for the washing machine repairman...when he called....4 hours late...to say he was going to be 6 hours late, he asked what the issue was and I informed him that the washer was spontaneously emptying.

He informed me that this was a problem resulting from improper installation causing a vacuum to form and as such it was not covered by warranty. I went into the garage and broke the seal my dad had put on the drain hose and rejiggered the washer installation. The washer then worked fine. I canceled the service call as the repairman was seriously late. 300+ bucks saved with a screwdriver!

Tripod, the 3 legged cat of chaos, has re-learned that he can make things happen if he pushes the "ON/OFF" switch on the TV.

I got the old lawn mower to start!
(this...you cannot appreciate....that mower...sooo rusty).

Basically nothing at all exciting to alter my Walter Mitty lifestyle.

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ザイツェヴ said...

It helped me to katakanize everything within sight and write down names of my classmates. So whenever I see 'ネ' or I have to remember it, I remember a character in textbook, Mone-san. Similarly, 'ナ' is connected in my mind with a classmate called "Jana".

Also, some of katakana characters look just like the hiragana, e.g. 'モ' is like 'も', 'ツ' is like 'つ' (if you draw a line through the short strokes). etc.

Some of these mnemonics are pure fiction. For example, 'む' looks like a cow, because it has a cow tail, and cow makes 'muuuuu' sound. Right? So, I made myself to believe that 'ム' kind of looks like a cow too. Although it clearly doesn't, I think of it as a cow.

My homework was mostly done in a workbook, so redoing it would involve buying a new workbook... Here's an example: