Friday, March 16, 2007

In Defense of Catgirls

A message to Francis Fukyama....

When you oppose genetic research, chimeric investigations and human cloning you are trying to prevent catgirls from even being born. suck!

Catgirls aside, this luddism is terribly counterproductive and antihumanistic...and I say this as someone who has reservations about utterly unfettered abortions. The reason those leave me uneasy is a concern for the life involved.....I have equal concern for those suffering from debilitating diseases, some of whom are friends of mine. Opposing this sort of research seriously stymies attempts to improve the quality and length of peoples lives. It is utterly incompatible with a concern for human rights and defining human life broadly and valuing it as much as possible. It is also not in keeping with a conservative interpretation of the Constitution, which is, in theory, is one of the 3 raison d'etres of the conservative movement...though many of the confused Johnny come latelies to our side of the aisle seem to be quite unclear on this point.

On a tangentially related note, this article in National Geographic reinforces the utter wrongness of Fukyama's argument, but something about it is bothering me. It postulates that interspecies trysts are more important to evolution than previously thought. I don't recommend actively testing this hypothesis though there are certainly furverts and Washingtonians who are vain I might no amount of doing it with a horse is going to produce a centaur.

The article is interesting but I'm not sure about it's nomenclature...
If two "species" interbreed and produce a true breeding offspring (as opposed to a mule) then, as I understand it, they aren't actually separate species. For example, the Red Wolf is apparently a true breeding hybrid of the Grey Wolf and Coyote...but dogs are...DOGS and can pretty much interbreed with all dogs (mechanical difficulties between mastiffs and chihuahuas notwithstanding). The recent discovery of the Pizzly Bear is another case in point....though it's unclear if that animal was a mule or not.

This seems to be talking about combining genes from divergent points on the bell curve of a species genetic drift...or am I missing some secret thing that is kept from us lowly undergraduates?

Note:Here at Brickmuppet Blog we have nothing at all against miscegenation and indeed heartily endorse it.

Deceivingly cute .gif is from the ethically dubious UFO Princess Valkyrie
which is seriously not my cup of tea...but which you can purchase here if you so desire.

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