Friday, March 02, 2007

Exams Are Over....

I did much better than I had feared on the Japanese exam, the last few minutes of the exam were spent second guessing myself wondering "How could it have been that easy? I'm missing something!"

The oral exam on Tuesday, which is usually my strong point did not go well....I staggered in from work tired and completely forgot the word for Saturday.....1st years stuff! ghaaa!!
Nothing else worried me though I think I did especially in aced the Chinese History Exam.

Next week, I'm on spring break which means I'm studying Japanese, working extra hours and redoing the last of the floor in home.

Plus as spring arrived with a vengance this week, I'll be doing much yardwork.

Tonight, I'm taking some of the exchange students out to dinner.

I may blog a bit more late tonight. I've got a couple of drafts that'have been sitting for several days, but mostly I'm gonna sleep! :)

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