Thursday, March 01, 2007

Admiral Spoor is Bored...

....but that's to be expected.

The problem is that the Brickmuppet's legions, er, dozens, er....(insert realistic unit) of adoring fans are bored by the general lack of posting.

Alas, this is exam week so there will be little posting until this weekend.

Yes Wonderduck, there will be science babes.

On the banality front...

I think I aced my Chinese History Exam. 1 more big one (Japanese)

I've got the clutch to work again, it still consists of 2 pieces of wood, a bolt and lots of twisty ties. ;)

Next week is spring break, which means trailer repairs and yardwork. Then hopefully, a roadtrip.

Now I'm going back to study...right after I stare at Admiral Spoor for a bit.


astro said...

I feel your pain. Two more tests tomorrow, then spring break. I plan to spend most of it sleeping.

ザイツェヴ said...

I must be a freak of nature, but I'm not fond of Beneej Spoor. I'm more Eukarya kind of guy.