Sunday, February 11, 2007

Warning....Banality Blogging to Follow!

The Macintosh now will NOT interface with the blogger dashboard at all.

There are several possible fixes.
Get a REAL domain...
Get a new computer,
Upgrade the E-Machine
Get Firefox to work on my E-Mac....somehow.

None of which are likely to happen any time soon. I'm up to my earlobes in homework, my hours at UPS have just doubled....which is most awkward given school. I'm now leading a study group in my Chinese history class and as my Tuition assistance and FA did not happen I NEED to work these extra hours to have the money to pay for the semester. I still have to lose weight to stay in the Coast Guard's good graces. My heat died again and I'm still having electrical problems. The pickup of peril needs to go into the shop.

Japanese is kicking my ass. I had to drop this class twice previously because of mobilizations and work schedule changes, so I got lulled into a false sense of security as I coasted along as the class know-it-all...until I got back from being sick last week...when I realized..."Oh God...I have no idea what she's talking about!" There was much benkiyoshimasuificating Saturday afternoon and this morning. OTOH I should be caught up by midterms if I keep the nose to the grindstone.
I have Math test tomorrow.
I have a Kanji test on Wednesday.
I have a Japanese grammar test on Friday.
I have a History paper due in 2 weeks.
I Drill with the Coast Guard this upcoming weekend, and as I'm now a boarding officer I'll likely be quite busy training others and leading boardings.

Currently I'm at Web City slinking through the many tubes of the Internet, though mainly to take advantage of their high speed Internet in association with For a while the cybercafe will be the only way I can blog, until I get my interface issues sorted out, and as I'm busy blogging is going to be even lighter than usual for a bit...especially this upcoming week.

Other things are looking up, my BP is holding steady around normal and I've finally licked the creeping crud I contracted. My weight loss has stalled again, but as my pants are getting steadily baggier, this is probably due to muscle acquisition. This is a good thing.

All in all things are actually going quite good....hectic is not bad...just a sign of progress. Total lack of annoyances are generally a sign of!
Bring on the bedlam! :)

UPDATE: Art by Ryu.


FIAR said...

You could try or both of which are free.

ザイツェヴ said...

It's amazing for me that you are doing it all, because I had enormous trouble with just the Japanese class (5 units).