Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Message for Mr. Arkin....

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...and Murdoc notes that Arkin is the same weasel that released a book with over 3,000 military and intel codewords. A rather telling bit of info that is getting virtually no play anywhere else.

Note: Despite my disgust with Arkin's reprehensible comments, I am in complete agreement with Don Subers "update 2" linked in the "ping-pong post" above.

A few “conservatives” apparently want Arkin fired for expressing an opinion they do not agree with. AJ Strata is organizing a boycott of the Post’s advertisers until Arkin is fired.

Fired for what? That is one of the dumbest things I have heard of in years. I put this on par with the liberal “hate speech” crapola.

You do not win a debate by closing it off — by chasing those who disagree with you away.

I like AJ but he is plain wrongheaded on this. Believe it or not, other people are entitled to their beliefs. Free speech and freedom of the press go well beyond our constitution.

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UPDATE: The image has vanished just like all the images in the below post....will be fixed tomorrow or the next day..

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