Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've been hacked!! (update: I've been a doofus)

I have NOT been discharged from the Coast Guard.

I do NOT consider me fellow coasties or US servicemen of any service to be mercenaries.

More to follow.

But I am mad.

UPDATE: It seems that the site is secure. I was not a hack as such. It was a failed attempt at humor that was able to be attempted because, I, (for some reason I can't fathom) hit "remember password" on a publicly accessible computer at the comic store last night.

Well I'm feeling dumb.

I only got alerted to this when a friend E-mailed to ask why I'd left the CGR....followed quickly by an inquiry from a shipmate. THAT could have gotten complicated quickly.

I'm just glad I happened to be online for school and caught it when I did....

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AngryBell said...

Don't feel so bad. At least all you left on a public computer was your password to this site and not something more important (that came out wrong, but you know what I mean... I hope).