Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Instapundit links to this disturbing story regards what happens when Google decides to censor a website due to third party spamming.

It is even more disturbing when related to this worrisome post from December.

Via Slashdot comes this creepy assessment of just HOW powerful Google has become and how nearly unstoppable they may be.

Google (peace be unto them) owns and operates Blogger and therefore hosts this website. Allow me to take a moment to praise our Google overlords and express utter confidence in their sagelike ability to deal with the myriad issues of right and wrong that these wise and benevolent gawds of the internet must deal with in managing the lives of us fawning, adoring and grateful users.

On a completely unrelated note I should take this opportunity to point out that capitalism, competition and progress completely break down in a monopolistic environment. This is why expansive government tends to be a bad thing, however, a commercial monopoly especially a (completely hypothetical) monopoly on access to knowledge itself can be every bit as destructive. Many of us on the right fail to recognize this, but the situation with the trusts around the turn of the XXcentury was one where the govts. and individuals ability to stop theft and fraud, and even some aspects of technical progress were short circuited. Trust Buster Teddies programs were absolutely necessary to maintain the dynamism that the capitalist system needs to self correct. Monopolies are usually pretty darned bad....but of course...I digress.

I just don't know WHERE that last paragraph came from.

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