Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well I MUST See This Now.

I blogged about its coming some time ago, but now it's out and just about everyone is raving about Strike Witches.

I was afraid this profound sillieness involving cat-girl mecha-tans would just be lame, but it sounds like it might be a winner.

Seriously...a flying cyborg catgirl firing a .55 could it not?

UPDATE: OK I can answer that...people are gushing about this SO much that it cannot possibly live up to its hype. If I were into Bittorrent banditry I'd know....but I must wait...and this tasks me.

UPDATE2: Thanks to Stephen DenBeste, I saw it on You Tube. No, it didn't quite live up to the was not a religious experience, it is not "the greatest 8 minutes of animation EVAH"but despite being a real paragon pf preposterousness, a complete cliche' buffet, it was really cute in an utterly wacky sort of way. I hope they make more.


astro said...

It stands above the hype. To use a quote from someone else, maybe you were "too shocked with awesome" to see the true genius there.

Also, I've seen this attitude from a few people and have to ask - why is YouTube ok and bitorrents "banditry'? You didn't pay for either.

Ken T said...

Because "You-Tube banditry" doesn't roll off the tounge as nicely. :)

I have a mac and am on dial up so I really can't do the bittorrent thing.

I have heard some wierd rationalizations that You-Tube stuff is covered by some obscure limited public domain status...but that's BS.

I am concerned for the copyright issues the creators face in the face of such readily reproduceable digital media....but I wasn't mocking you Don, WD or BB.

...and no....Strike Witches is not the greates 8~ minutes of animation ever. Your link to the Little Match Girl proves that.

It is exquisitely cuckoo for cocca puffs, and quite enjoyable. I hope there is more.

ザイツェヴ said...

What is the greatest short then? Azumanga VSM?

Ken said...

Bambi Meets Godzilla