Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Drat

So, I took yesterday off 2 weeks ago so I could make sure everything was OK with ODU as far as registration tuition assistance ect.
Of course, yesterday was a day of I couldn't actually DO anything until late today.
No biggie, I'm just checking up on all the paperwork filled out in November and early December so this shouldn't be an issue, right?

Well, the people who handle my tuition assistance (the US Naval Institute) are denying it.

It seems that ODU charged them for one of the years I had to drop out of school due to a reserve mobilization.
This is easily fixable (it should have been fixed in December but apperantly fell between the cracks during the holidays). This should get resolved in about a week.

UNNNNfortunately the school has now changed all of its due dates for this semester.

Tuition is now due TOMORROW not the week after classes start.

Currently I'm running off forms and doing online stuff while I await a phonecall from Military Sevices to see if I can get a deferment for a week or so.

There may be a pawnshop in my future....


It looks like I will get a deferrment and the teeninsey ammount that the GI bill pays to reservists (less than a tenth of my tuition). This will still play havoc with my cash flow as the University will NOT honor tuition assistance chits after Jan4, so I'm paying the just about whole enchilada my own self.

Fortunately the deferment will allow me time to compensate. I'm doing some juggling and may yet avoid the pawnshop if I drop a class or two. This is now simply a cash FLOW issue and I should have everything taken care of on time.

I got some "thing" at the university cafeteria which purported to be chicken, succotach and mashed tasted like dog food (this is not hyperbole...I've BEEN that poor). This is most disapointing as the cafeteria buffet has been in the past quite good, if a bit pricey. I rarely eat there due to its expense but I do hope that this is just the pre-semester chaos. Certainly there was very little fixed and, of course, classes don't start until Monday.

I got a parking ticket, alegedly for blocking another car, despite the fact that I was well within the lines. It may be that the Pickup of Peril (a compact Isuzu Pup) is too long....more likely some meter myrmidon is gun-jacking his/her tickets.

I saw the longest lines at ODU today I have ever seen. One went all the way down a hall turned a corner, went down THAT hall into the fire exit and down the stairs....It seems that the change of tuition deadline caught a LOT of longtime students unawares, nevertheless the ODU staff was quite professional and courteous. They all seemed to be astoundingly on the ball, and the whole process was far less infuriating than usual. For instance, I have little of the burning rage I usually feel after visiting the old administration building.

I have months of enforced frugality, an icky lunch and a parking ticket....every one a fairly minor point. There were NO real problems with my enrollement (which I did in November) , and I have no complaint about the admin staff...

Surely the end times are nigh.


AngryBell said...

Illegitimi Non Carborundum

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Now I have to get out my old Latin texbooks. :)

AngryBell said...

Ask and ye shall receive. It is:

"Don't let the bastards grind you down"

I just think it sounds better in Latin.