Saturday, January 27, 2007

Enlightened Self Interest

Rand Simberg links to this Strategy Page post on how the Saudi Arabia has, quietly chosen a side....that through sheer strategic necessity, happens to be ours for the moment.

An excerpt:

The Saudis are even, secretly, cooperating with the Israelis. Iran has always been seen as a greater danger to Israel than the surrounding Sunni Arab nations. Hizbollah, which is a Lebanese Shia organization, made a name for itself during its disastrous attack on Israel last Summer. Although Hizbollah lost by every measure, they won in the arena of public opinion. Both the Israelis and Saudi Arabs (and Sunni Arabs in general) hated that.

...and so the Saudis are allying with the powers that aren't actually a trancendental threat to their existence.

UPDATE: Fixed the links...which had somehow vanished upon posting.

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