Friday, January 26, 2007

Blast From the Past...

...or at least a bang from the past.

A poster on Anthony Williams forum discovered this picture in some video footage from the current fighting in Lebanon.

Look closely at the Hezzies's an WW2 German MP4!! The first successful assault rifle (yes the Fedorov was first but it didn't have much influence on anything). This Nazi weapon was what the AK 47 was designed in response to.

It seemed remarkable to me that this weapon is still being used, but according to Mr. Williams they were likely kept in storage in Syria, and the Serbs still make the ammo as it was a frontline rifle there until the 1980s.

Wow I had no idea that the weapon had served that long.

That Nazi weapons are still being used by those who wish to kill
Jews is sickly appropriate somehow....and is a reminder of which side these people were on even then.

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