Friday, January 19, 2007

Bit o' Banality Blogging

Well, I've lost 10 pounds in a month.

My blood pressure is back to normal, although I've been advised to go back on the BP medicine for at least a month.

I sit for my Boarding Officer and Harbor Saftey Officer Boards this weekend, which is a bit of a milestone because I've been moved around so much that I've never gotten fully qualified in anything other than weapons use...I've got a big stack of sign-off sheets partially signed off...this will be a great relief. I sit for promotion in May or June.

Of course I missed school while getting my CG physical....and UPS stopped paying me again today.... (More birthday woes no doubt.) ...but this has happened before...usually in January, so it's just a nuiscance.

College wise, I'm doing OK. I got moved up one math class. :)

On the subject of Math...

3 Legged Cat+Iron+Ironing Board+Moth=Drama

I have not done the yard at my folks house yet as the weather has been singularly uncooroperative, I'm drilling this weekend, so it won't get done 'till mabey Monday.

All in all pretty a good week but busy.

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