Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford

President Ford has died.

I was 4 when Gerald Ford ascended to the Presidency. I remember very little except that my folks wanted him to win in '76.

Somebody from a yahoo group sent me this via E-mail. I don't know the source:

Best President of the 1970’s, dead at 93.

By all accounts he was a decent and genuine man. He survived two
assassination attempts and relentless mocking by Chevy Chase, who portrayed
him as hopelessly clumsy (even though he was quite athletic and a college
football star).

Plus the dude smoked a pipe. That’s a stone cold mack-daddy Prez, there.

Not much happened on his term, which in a grim decade of worldwide
socialism, squalor, and chaos is quite an achievement. His was a thankless
job, cleaning up after Nixon and then inevitably turning over the country to
the tender mercies of Carter. He did it well, and we thank him for it. RIP.

I personally think he was one of the most underrated presidents we have had. He may well have saved the country by simply being level headed, decent and honest.

Much better and more eloquent thoughts here. Tigerhawks write-up is particularly good as is Joe Gandleman's.

Athelete, lawyer, model , WW2 Navy veteran, rock solid representative of the people who inherited the Presidency at it's most thankless hour. He steered the US through the 2 most dangerous years of one of it's 3 most dangerous decades....and he did it well, actually putting the country ahead of his own career. His retirement was a textbook example of charity and propriety as well.

He will indeed be missed.

Thank you Mr. President.

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