Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7...

65 years ago today the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed Pearl Harbor Hawaii bringing the US fully into WW2.

Today is a day for long contemplative pieces about the lessons of that attack, the war and the differences between the generation that fought and won that war and the generation of today....well most places it is...but not here a Brickmuppet Blog.

Due to my singular lack of writing talent I'm simply going to focus on one ship that bounced back from the attack far stronger than before.

The USS California a Tennessee class battleship, was raised from the mud and completely refitted to state of the art standards.

Here are Mecha-Tans representing the before and after pictures of the old girls extreme makeover. :)

Note that California went on to take part in the last BBvBB action in history, helping to sink the Battleships HIJNS Fuso and Yamashiro a Surigao strait.

Sadly I can't find any info on the artist. They've been floating around for a while.

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