Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wow Progress..Actual Progress!

Via the Instapundit, Ali Eteraz posts on a fatwa by 2 very respected Mullah against the barbaric practice of female circumcision.

Eteraz sez:

This is the highest eschelon of Islamic authority the issue has ever reached; Tantawi and Gomaa are two of the most influential clerics in modern Sunni Islam. This is also the most strongly-worded fatwa that has ever been released against female circumcision by a mainstream Sunni organization; previous fatwas have deemed the practice "not obligatory" and "not recommended".

It behooves anyone opposed to female circumcision to support this decision by Al Azhar and Mufti Gomaa. You can send messages of thanks and appreciation to the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Egypt, via their website. The more encouragement they get, the more convinced they become that supporting the middle way supports the majority, and the more forward-thinking pragmatist rulings we can expect.

This is truely welcome news!

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