Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Passing Of Dave Cockrum

People as divirse as Colleen Doran, Allan Harvey, and Michelle Malkin all have something kind to say about the passing of Dave Cockrum, one of the more influential and yet underapreciated artists in comic book history. Generally given credit for reinvigorating the DC Legion of Superheroes title, he is perhaps better known as the creator of the Marvel character Nightcrawler. He revamped the Marvel books in the 70's particularly the X-Men (starting with Giant Size X-Men#1) and was instrumental in making them the biggest things in comics for nearly 2 decades.

Like all too many people in comics, Cockrum got little credit and less money for his tremendous contribution to the medium (as well as the bank account of the previously obscure Marvel). His revamped X-Men is now a box office smash.

He died of complications due to diabetes Sunday his Superman Pajamas, beneath his Batman blanket.

His last piece of art had been a sketch for a fan at a small comic show in South Carolina. He was a man who truely loved his medium and comics are a richer tapestry for his efforts. He will be missed.

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