Sunday, November 12, 2006


Murdoc wants to know the difference between the Barrett models 468 and 648.

Now I'm pretty sure that the 648 is apocryphal and just a persistant typo. I, however, am a gun enthusiast and not a gun

While looking for info on PDWs I blundered upon the site for Marshal Arms

They seem to be marketing a family of weapons based upon a feed system similar to the FN P-90. The pistol/PDW in particular looks promising , though I imagine that such a magazine arraingement would make the assault riffle version awkwardly wide. Still it will be interesting to see if they get it off the ground. ~50 rounds of pistol ammo in a package way more compact than a Calico does sound promising indeed.

Anthony G. Williams has recently updated his assault rifle ammunition page....which, if you havent seen it and are the least bit interested in weapons, is probably a good stop. His whole website is informative and if you find it interesting you should probably scroll down and buy his books. :)
On a related note, his co-author, Maxim Popenker, has, for some years been running this very informative site.

Finally, hiding in my favorites list with no attribution was this article on the Dardick "revolver" from the '60s. The weapon was actually a magazine fed weapon with a revolver feed mechanism. The triangular ammo (trounds) allowed for supercompact storage (20 round capacity) and in addition to its ingenious (but rare) ammo had adapters for normal .38 or .22 ammo. A search through the many tubes of these here internets turned up only one other decent bit of info on the Dardick...that wasn't a Twilight 2000 reference.

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