Saturday, November 18, 2006

At Some Point This had to Happen.....

Well, I'm beat. I've been Coast Guarding and have nothing really insightful to say....(assuming I ever do).

So for no good reason other than writers block, here is my entirely unscientific contribution to all those lists of the 10 hottest anime babes ever......

10:Madoka Ayukawa (From Orange Road) She's beyond attractive and trancendentally cool....and nice to boot!

9:Lum (From Urusei Yatsura) She is an alien princess. She can fly. She shoots lightning bolts. She has green hair and horns. She is a wierdness magnet and is funny to boot...What's not to like? :)

8: Lafiel (From Crest Of the Stars) The whole 'Space Princess' character type is a bit of a cliche', but Lafiel is quite interesting. As is this rather under-rated series. Lafiel is quite inexperienced and throughout the series, both she and her male co-star are pretty much punching above their weight.
She is also quite clever, ethical and she's got that whole blue-haired-pointy-eared-never-gets-old-elf-like thing going too. :)

Her adventures are in some ways non-pivotal, but they are intense and challenging. Lafiel, despite having no real desire to follow the path fate has laid out for her (royalty) does not fall into the 'poor little princess' funk and carries herself with considerable grace. Over the course of 3 seasons she grows into her responsibilities quite well...physically and morally brave, she is a genuinely likable and sympathetic charachter.

7:Yomiko Readman (from Read or Die and Read or Dream) One of the better superhero concepts of recent years, the scatterbrained but brilliant Yomiko brings new meaning to the word "Bond paper", for she has the unusual superpower of combat origami! A formidable opponent to any villain, she is deeply idealistic and loyal...unless you turn out to and evil.

6:Yuki Mori (Nova Forrester) From Space Cruiser Yamato (Starblazers) One of the few women in the crew of the Yamato (Argo) and likely the only female to survive the phyrric first voyage of that storied ship.The unbelievably competent Nova is the ships radar operator and counts among her collateral duties, assistannt science officer, pilot, and paramedic. Her quick thinking saves the ship (and thereby humanity) more than once and she ultimately is willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of humanity...though better....and there was much rejoicing!

5:Sayaka Yumi: (From Mazinger Z) Tenacity personified, giant robot test pilot Sayaka Yumi sallies forth every week in the experimental robot Aphrodite Ace to battle the
fearsome robotic automotons of Doctor Hell...unfortunately hers is an experimental agricultural robot, with limited strength and durability, hastilly fitted with an armament of exactly 2 missles, which provide the improbable contraption with an impressive bosom... until they are fired(I'm not making this up...Go Nagai did). Sayaka and her well endowed robot are almost always thrashed....badly....running interference for the super combat robot Mazinger Z...yet she never gives up, and more than once she actually saves the day, though sometimes indirectly. At one point in fact, she manages to singlehandedly take out the largest villain robot in the whole Mazinger/ Grandizer continuity! She keeps going and facing imposible odds through sheer force of indomitable will. She is also fiercely loyal to her beaux, and she looks nice in a bikini...

4:Lady Eboshi (From Princess Mononoke) An astounding character, Lady Eboshi has carved out a place for herself in a world that considers her very existence an affront. Eboshi is a noblewoman who achieves independance for her little fiefdom in feudal Japan. Despised by all who have power she sympathises with the outcasts of society, prositutes, lepers and debtors. Between the corrupt and covetous baronies on one side and well as the ferocious forest beasts on the other she makes her stand to protect her people and for a time she pereseveres through tactical and diplomatic brilliance as well as technical innovation and scientific know-how personified in the her expertise with firearms. Not perfect by any means, she is rather prideful and incapable of coming to terms with the forest animals...but please people...this is actually understandable...they are animals after all...and there is no indication that the Gods of the forest are willing to do anything but rend her and her people. Additionally, in the American version she is voiced by Minnie Driver....who has one of the sexiest voices out there. :)

3:Meia Gisbourne (from VanDread) VanDread is a show that displays all of the natural warning signs of suckage...(harem AND mech show, based on a video game, a war between
men & women, magical McGuffins of "technology")...yet it is a suprisingly nice charachter oriented bit of fantasy. Likewise, Anime is full of hard-ass warrior beeotches with attitude. Most are 2 dimensional parodies of male berzerkers, Meia is not. The senior flight leader for the fighter wing of a group of female pirates (all female...there is war literal war of the sexes going on at the begining) Meia is a paragon of competence, and professonalism. She does everything in her power to save the surviving members of her squadron, putting aside her bigotries to lead by example. Her command and leadership skills are quite impressive. She is one of fairly few ace pilots in anime to be both believable and likeable....all the more remarkable given the alternatively terrifying and screwball situations she finds her suddenly mismatched flight team up against. Noble, professional, and displaying physical and moral courage as well as considerable humanity she is a genuinely impressive charachter.

2:Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Warrior, aviatrix, scientist and diplomat, Nausicaa is the princess of a tiny principality in the far future. Astute, brave and sharp as a tack, she is a beacon of reason and decency in a truely horrific age. She does not, for instance leave a man to be eaten by arthropod ickies despite his having recently acted most rudely.
Although in she has scientific equipment not far advanced beyond 'stone knives and bearskins' she uses rationalism and science to determine the true purpose of the toxic forest and realizes that mankinds greatest threat is also potentially its salvation. She's a cross between Annie Oakley, Ben Franklin and Joan of Arc. She's cute, she can fly a weird ultra-lite-seagull thing .......and she doesn't get all freaked out by bugs!

1:Kyoko Otanashi (from Maison Ikkoku) Looking tantalizingly like Kagome might if she weren' know...jailbait, the lovely widow Kyoko Otanashi is the owner and manager of a small apartment complex filled with the wierdest of tenants. She is deeply a fault...remaining chaste for a very long time out of respect for her late husband. She nevertheless does not wallow in sorrow but deals with the wierdness life throws at her with considerable grace. Eventually she falls for someone new.

She falls for a man who is trying to pursue a college education despite considerable obstacles and setbacks.....WHICH MAKES HER THE HOTTEST ANIME BABE EVAH!!!!


UPDATE: Corrected Typos added links.....and reordered the list slightly.....Yes, Lafiel got promoted.

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Heh. This is a fairly comprehensive selection, although Yomiko does not seem to belong.