Friday, September 29, 2006


YouTube is great!

Lawd! This brings back memories....

A bunnygirl, Armageddon and could it get any better?

For those who are wondering, this was produced by fans for an Anime convention in Japan (Daicon obviously) in 1983... before CGI. They'd done an earlier one in 1981 for Daicon 3 it's here.

The improvement is incredible..not that the first one isn't cute (particularly if you get even half the references :).These fans kept on improving, they later became GAINAX.

Watching them work in geeky references to a huge number of the anime, comic book, TV and movie Sci-Fi shows that had aired at that time it is remarkable how many of the referenced shows were then current or at least recent....The early '80s were an abnormally target rich enviroment for fans.

Thanks for the link Anonymous PHD.

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