Saturday, September 09, 2006


Over at the Space Review, they, are actually reviewing one of my favorite recent anime series PLANETES, which I've been planning to blog on for a while, but have been holding off on 'till I finish the DVDs. I have been really impressed with this series , which thus far ('m at the begining of the 3rd DVD) is a technologicaly acurate, hopeful and inspiring show.....note that Dwayne Day is not exagerating the anoyingness of the Tanabe charachter, if anything, he understates it. The show is really the only one since the late '50s to give a realistic view of what space life might be in the relatively near future. I like the Anime much more than the Manga so far. From what I've seen thus far I pretty much agree with his review, go read it....

Also at the Space Review, is this piece from just under a year ago that compares Apollo and the Constellation project. This is interesting as it would seem to indicate that instead of Apollo 2.0, the new project is considerably more robust in its ability to put permanent infrastructure on the moon. Wikipedia also has (for the moment) a good overview of the associated Orion Spacecraft.
The Space Review article is doubly heartening as it indicates that I could be saved the awful fate of Buckethead having dinner at my expense!.

Rather dashing those forlorn hopes is the latest news from NASA regards the COTS program. It seems that actual contracts are being given for space station resuply....just like they said they were going to do! (Imagine that) . Rocketplane Kistler and Space X are the winners. Much more on this at COTS Watch. At the Space Review, there is an overview of the strategies and potential of the closest runners up for the contract, which dovetails nicely into this piece on Armadillo Aerospace and....barnstorming potential.

Farther afield is yet more evidence that Earth-like planets may be much more common that previously thought.

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