Monday, July 31, 2006


Friday, I left for a friends house in Maryland. There was a get together to watch anime and the reast of season two of Doctor Who.

At 9:30 pm, after 2 hours I wasn't even out of Newport News yet, partly because of tunnel traffic so I threw in the towel and stopped by the comic store to pick up my books, use the facillities and ge a drink. Rambling Rebuilder showed up and, looking at the horrid traffic. I decided to throw in the towel and we went to see Ghost House....which was quite good. I give it 5 bricks...

Saturday morning I started again and took nealy 6 hours to make a 3.5 hour drive...traffic, still sucked.

The party was a weekend long thing, I saw the rest of the Doctor Who series was excellent. The finale had been rather oversold in reviews, but was still quite good. The best ep in my opinion was one involving Maddame Du Pompadour. I highly recommend the series.

We also watched Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya , which I did not see enough of to develop a firm opinion of, though it is interesting. A wierd show that is shown out of chronological order, little can be said without spoiling it, but it is a wacky show with an undercurrent of erieness that borders on the very dark (though I may be reading too much into it).

We watched a few other things such as SGT. FROG and then sat up till 3 AM having a discussion I shan't blog about but both the topic at hand and a bizzare "Ministry of Truth" moment from an aquaintance reminded me of why I don't do the fandom thing much anymore, even though my last foray into conventioneering was something of a sucess...

Still I got to see several cool people I hadn't seen in a while and gorged myself on the sorts of bad-for-me food that I rarely partake of anymore. It was good to have a break. both RT 1 and 95 south were parking lots so the drive back took nearly as long, but as I detoured 50 miles to the west and took back roads, I did not have to contend with the sort of stop/go trffic I'd dealt with going up. I burned over half a tank going up and just over a quarter tank coming back.

I arrived home, to find my keyboard dead, but otherwise things are going good.

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