Thursday, July 13, 2006

1618, 1799, 1914, 1939, 2006

Lets hope one of those years is the answer to a "What does not belong?" question of the year 2020.

I see no other option for Israel.

This is big, perhaps really big.
Israel does not activate its reserves lightly....Israel's reserves are the general population...they are planning for a big long and tragically necessary war.
Iran and Hezbollah are playing a game of dangerous brinkmanship, hoping perhaps to distract attention from Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Israel has been attacked and its people killed and kidnapped. Rockets are raining death down upon northern Israel.
Ohlmert cannot let this stand.
The long suffering people of Lebanon are caught in the middle.

I've got a very bad feeling about this.

Sgt. Chester has the best overview I've seen, and it is is the title of his post. This has a terrible 1914 feel to me as well.

UPDATE: Chester has added part 2.
Murdoc is theorizing.
Meryl is keeping an eye on the disgustingly biased coverage.
Pajammas Media is
blogging up a storm on this.
PJM also links to a lebanese blog mosh, which is quite edifying.

Instapundit posts an E-mail from an American trapped there. The US Embassy is pretty much screwing the pooch. This is really bad given Hezbollah's history of hostage taking.

Lebanon is just coming out from under Syrian control and this is likely a move to roll that back. The Lebaneese people are victims in this and reportedly HATE Hezbollah, but The Major is one wants to get bombed and anyone who thinks they are on the whole cheering this is a bit addleminded.

I stand foresquare with Israel on this but I really am sorry the Lebanese are suffering for the horrid crimes of the Hezbollah squatters.

The bigger implications are scary.
Syria and Iran are the source of this terror. What do they do when Israel begins stamping out Hezbollah? This is something that could cascade rather quickly.

What does China do?
What does Russia do? They have a lot invested in Syria and a good deal of money invested in Iran.

Lots of powers are vested in this suffering little patch of land, just about as many as were invested in the Balkans in the the fall of 1914, when brinkmanship and miscalculations led to a very dark place.

Another Update: Annonymous PHD Forwards an subscription only analysis piece that points to Hezbollahs Iranian revolutionary roots and their history. Remember the 80's remember 1979.
I would not want to be an American in Lebanon now.

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Susan said...

What absolutely amazes me is news coverage. In the same 2-minute time span, they mentioned that Israel was hit by over 200 strikes from Lebanon yesterday, and then go on at length with the sob story from Lebanon's president. He's begging for an end to the horrible events. Well, duh! If his country weren't housing the terrorists, hadn't let themselves be taken over by them, this wouldn't be happening. As ye sew, so shall ye reap.