Monday, April 17, 2006

Brickmuppet blogspotting

Added a few worthies to the blogroll.

Gorilladaze is the blog of Welsh Cartoonist and cosmopolitan Londoner Allan Harvey. He opines on comic books both current and past. Best of all he is covers some of the more obscure wackieness! :) Where else can one find info on such 4-color crack as 60s Superboy comics.

Ghost Blog is the web presence of Matoko Kusanagi(!?) If you get the reference you're likely skeptical, but this is a very interesting blog focusing on current events from a sort of technophillic libertarian perspective.

'Aqoul is a group blog focusing on current events from a middle eastern perspective and features commentary from actual moderate opposed to the individuals who are often presented as such. Those are often (for the middle east) social radicals more akin to presenting Bill Maher, Ward Churchill and Cindy Sheehan as the silent majority in Alabama. This is a really important site IMHO and I'm indebted to the aforementioned 'Major' for pointing it out. Note that some of the co-bloggers are a bit abrasive, the Lounsbury in particular, can be a bit off-putting with his near superhuman powers of snarky, sanctimonious, condescension, but I strongly recommend this site.

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