Friday, January 13, 2006


The above links to the latest from The Truth Laid Bear. It's an open letter from center-right bloggers regards the change in the house leadership and what we want to see happen. I am in total agreement with the above linked letter.

Go read it, sign it and contact your congresscritter....

Digressing slightly from the total agreement amongst the fairly diverse group of bloggers linked to above....I did not vote for Republicans so I could get people in office who spend like Democrats, Loot like Democrats and are as big-government-nanny-statish as the Democrats...albiet with a slightly different set of persecutions on their docket.

I voted for the Contract with America plus term limits block grants and outsourcing as much of the scutt work as possible to contractors who can be fired/threatened/calibrated rather than to Unfireable Unionized Government Employees (yes it's pronounced "oogies"). I want the government to be for science and progress, NOT to to trade varieties of luddism (nuclearphobia, pathological disdain for space exploration, for fear and loathing of stem-cells and antiagnathic research). I wanted change. I wanted some firm, consistent limits on what government can and cannot know...A REPUBLIC.

This was indeed a digression but it is, pretty much what we were promised, and, with a few exceptions, very much NOT what we got. The House is under a cloud approaching the size of the one over it in the early 90s. Our Representatives on the right side of the isle ignore the above linked letter at their peril.

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