Friday, December 16, 2005

Half-Life of Privacy

Rambling Rebuilder put me on the mailing list of Mysterious Informant who, true to name, sent me these two disturbing links regards tech advances and privacy issues.

This is disturbinng to say the least, but some of the things that they are trying to fight, in particular identity theft, really are worse than loosing ones internet least at first glance. On the other hand,it is easy to see how anonymous bloggers to name just one example could really be hurt by this especially given the potential for abuse against whistle blowers. Still identity theft is a huge problem, I've had two friends all but cleaned out by it. I'm sympathetic to the efforts to stamp it out, but the loss of privacy is really disturbing at first glance. On the gripping hand however, how much anonymous interaction did we have even 15 years ago? The anonymous 'trolls' and thieves are as empowered by the anonymity of the web as we are when we hide behind silly handles like Brickmuppet. Tough call....

The spychips in merchandise are really disturbing on all levels and there seems to me no merit to them at all. Ban them! Hunt down their users and apply tar, feathers and run them out of town. This is frigging cyberpunk come to life! Hangin's too good fer 'em! Buurninns too good fer 'em! They need to be cut up into leeetle bitsy pieces and buried alive!!


This needs a lot attention that it is not getting.

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