Friday, November 18, 2005

Regards Govt. Space Programs

Let me be very clear on my position regards private versus government space programs.

I want people to go into space and seek their destiny, find their fortunes, get Darwin awards, seek out brave new worlds, create the same, have acrobatic 0-gee sex, find new sources of energy, and spread humanity beyond the fragile damp rock upon which it so precariously resides.

I want them to do it with as little government interference as possible.

I strongly support and cheer on the entrepreneurs like Space Dev SpaceX Rutan and Virgin Galactic. I want them to succeed and have confidence that they can.

So why am I supportive of NASAs Apollo EXTREME programe?
Because it has a historical antecedant.

Lewis and Clark and subsequent similar exploratory expeditions did a real service for the settlers that followed by trailblazing, mapping and (in later expeditions) setting up outposts. They also, by exploring as agents of their Govt., gave international recognition to US claims to the Louisiana purchase and the Oregon territory. Likewise despite US and Russian private endeavors in what is now British Columbia it was James Cooks state sanctioned exploration for the crown that gave the UK international recognition over the area.

Say all you want to about the dippy Space Treaty, once rescources are found and markets created, there WILL be property arbitrations, otherwise there will be no property rights....without which there will be no incentive to go there....unless technology progresses far enough that even a leftie can do it;) which point we are all officially in hell with no escape....

....but I digress....

The point is that NASA will no more settle the next frontier than Lewis and Clarke did the last, but they stand poised to be a fine complement to that exploration. I'm more optimistic about this than I've been in many years as Griffin seems to be pushing for manned spaceflight and working with the private sector rather than against it.

UPDATE: Added paragraph that I somehow edited out.... :/

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