Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh the Relief!

Well, I'm employed again!

3 months on unpaid disability coming after paying the tuition, the car repair bills, and getting the heater fixed tapped me out.

I'm back at work at UPS. I get paid in a week and a half (for 2 days work) and am working a good deal of OT through Christmas. :)

On the down side, the trailer is worse off than I thought. The waterheater burst and it seems the damage from the bear on the plumbing in the crawlspace is worse than I thought. I pulled out the bookcase to get to the waterheater and found that the wall behind it has been eaten by mildew that has wicked up from a leaky "pipe" that was damaged by the bears little adventure 2 years ago. Further inspection has revealed the floor behind the couch and the bookcase is held together by the tensile strength of the rug. The moldy smell I thought was coming from the soon to be replaced bathroom floor....isn't...and is now, thanks to my meddling really strong. It's just about throw in the towel time.

Of course, I'm making money again and I'm going to be drilling with the Coast Guard reserve in a couple of weeks so, despite my squalor, I'm no longer destitute. I'm currently inclined to stay here the 2 years untill have my degree. I can tutor English in Japan to build up a nest egg while I do graduate work and then move to Guam, the Marianas or wherever.

Scads of homework though.....

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