Saturday, November 05, 2005

New German Frigate

While poking about Warships1 I blundered into a link to this thread on Germany's next class of frigates the F-125.

This is interesting for what it says about their percieved needs. The ship will be fitted as a commando transport and will have a 155mm artillery piece on the bow for shore bombardment. This is considerably more powerful than the US and Italian 5 inch guns that are the standard high end naval rifles of most navies (those that have any medium guns). The ships will also have provision for MLRS rockets! There will also be 1 or 2 vertical launch tube nests.

The vessel will have a phased array radar and although slow, (only 24kts) will be pretty respectable fire support ships and general purpose frigates. This looks to be a completely different approach to the same job as the USNs Littoral Combat Ship .... and cheaper too, though its far from clear if it's better.

It is certainly an interesting design.

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