Monday, October 24, 2005



I got the long awaited letter from the Disability people. Regrettably, it did not contain a check.Rather there was a long and detailed letter explaining how I couldn't get any disability.

If I'd been malingering this would be justice but I was specifically told by my employer that I could NOT work on light duty.The doctor told me to not bend, climb ladders, lift anything over 50 lbs or kneel. This is not work inhibiting at a lot of places, but at UPS it is restricted duty, and for liability reasons UPS can't have people who were injured off the job coming on the premises on the clock.

Note that this is NOT a UPS decision, rather, it is a contractor who handles these things as per the Union Contract. In most firms they contract with this would not prevent one from working hence their decision. The management team has been quite supportive and are facilitating an appeal....which is all they can do contractually.

Thus I sold a bunch of DVD's today and filled my tank. I restart work on the 1st of November.

As mentioned previously, I'm going to appeal, but it looks like I lost 3 months pay this year. GRRRRRRRRR.....

Oh well, I'll be on my feet in about 3 weeks and have savings again by the beginning of December.

Powers off.
Phones off.
I'm blogging from the computer lab.
Thank goodness for College Showers and locker rooms.
And thick blankets
and gas emergency generators.
and MREs :)
(preparedness rules)

I will not be able to look at Ramen for several months....

This is just one of those little speedbumps of life, (I've weathered far worse) but dang its annoying.

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