Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ministry of Minor Woes

Two more weeks!

Two more weeks till I can start work again!
I've had no income for six weeks begining nearly a week after I depleted my savings by restarting school.

The waterheater is dead.brrrrrrrrr
Two more weeks of ramen and my hurricane MREs (please don't let there be a hurricane!).

I can begin drilling for the USCGR next month as well.

Soon......soooooon I shall be human again :)

Diesel is $3.25 a gallon! Ugh!

Still, I'm pulling through and getting "A"s My knee, the cause of this mess is MUCH better, My only worry is my weight (Ironically enough) so things really aren't that bad in the final analysis.

Two more weeks....

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Ministry said...

I hate to add to your woes, but we'll have to charge a license fee for using the words "Ministry of Minor" in a post.

This message from the Ministry of Minor Perfidy
Thank you for your cooperation