Monday, October 31, 2005

Kidds Go To Taiwan

According to Defense Tech, the first of the Kidd (or Ayatollah) Class of air-defense destroyers is being sent to Taiwan.

Defense Tech seems to be upset that these will further increase the imbalance of power between the small republic and the enormous "market Marxist" country that wants to take them over.

I say GOOD!!

But I'm silly that way....

I feel China is rather overblown as a threat..TO least for the next decade or so and then only if they can overcome MANY social and demographic hurdles, but helping out an ally (Taiwan) with what are (to us anyway) obsolete destroyers does not seem to be something to get worked up about.

Now notwithstanding my total support of Taiwan in this, I do need to say this about China, as far as they've got to go in the freedom dept., they have come a very long way. 30 years ago the cultural revolution was happening, China is NOTHING like that now. This is certainly damming with faint praise, but its progress that should be encouraged and acknowledged. Allowing China to absorb and crush a competing (and successful) example of Chinese culture embracing freedom does not seem to be advisable, ethical or in any way conducive to that long term goal.

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