Monday, October 24, 2005

Fuel Cell Car Developments....

I THINK this hat tip goes to Winds of Change.....I bookmarked it some time ago.

Green Car Congress reports on an interesting development from Honda, a home hydrogen station for their H2 fueled, fuel cell powered car! The generator doubles as a backup power supply for the house, something that can be quite useful in blizzards hurricanes and floods...all of which I can personally attest to.

This does get over a big hurdle if people can refuel their cars at home, but the range, while better than most electrics, is still a short leash.

Personally, I'd like to see swappable, refillable cylinders, (much like propane tanks in principal) This would get around the time to compress the Hydrogen gas. As long as the cylinders were no bigger than a SCUBA tank they could be manhandled, though for the elderly, full service stations might need to come back in vogue. A car could have multiple tanks for better range.

Regardless, of my layranting, this latest from Honda is a really neat concept.

Now all we need are the nuke plants to power the cracking of Hydrogen.

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