Friday, May 20, 2005


Well, I saw it. I'd been reading about how this was as good as the first 3, and how overarchingly political it was.

The media lies again.

The media are Sith.

The effects, as expected, were superb. Costumes however were FAR below Lucas's usual par.

Vader was a complete moron, the fellow who should have been at the very least sympathetic on some level was a whiney spoiled bitter shallow self absorbed brat.

The Jedi are of course pompous elitist goobers and Padem' was utterly wasted. The dialog was wretched. The movie was poorly paced and written. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable simply for the visuals and the ObiWan bits. I will likely see it again (as I'm going with a friend Sunday night) and won't be pulling my eyes out like I did second time around with Phantom Menace.

It was way too compressed, I strongly suggest seeing the Clone wars TV series that CN ran, which was better paced and written.

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