Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Conversation in a Drugstore...

I've been enrolled in some classes by the Coast Guard Reserve, so today I went down to the Federal Building in Norfolk to drop off some of my certifications and confirm I had the required prerequisites.

Afterwards I dropped by the Drugstore to pick up a soda and a pack of pens.

As I stood in line, despite the warning sign of the Evangelion T-shirt on the whippersnapper behind me, a conversation developed:

Whippersnapper: Duuhooohuuude!!! Coool shirt! Did you make it?
Me: Thanks. No I bought it (gave directions to comic store) I was suprised to find it too.
WS: Trogdor RUULES!! Thanks for the.....(spies either the ID in my wallet or the certificates in my hand) .......You're in the F%#$!ng military! (stares at my shirt)
Me: No, I'm in the 'doesn't get any military' The F%#$!ng military is composed of teenage asian chicks who fight demons.
WS: Woah!....
Me: ......
WS: Sorry dude, I didn't think ya'll were into.......(points to my shirt)
Me: Don't worry about it.
WS:You were kidding about the asian chicks...right?
Me: That's.....classified citizen. Have a nice day (paid clerk, walked out of store...kept a straight face)

Ordinarily I only think of snappy comebacks hours later......

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